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Epson targets enterprise market

May 24, 2012

Printer manufacturer moves into the business segment following negative effect of European financial crisis.

Epson Philippines has announced a strengthened focus into the enterprise market during a rebranding of the company’s tagline from ‘Exceed Your Vision’ to ‘Engineered for Business’, reports BusinessMirror.

In the OEM’s full-year report for fiscal year 2011, Epson reported “dampened” effects of the disasters in Japan and Thailand, although found performance is being affected by the European financial crisis and sustained strength of the yen.

Epson stated: “First-half inkjet printer results were hurt by manufacturing delays and materials shortages… printer unit shipments plunged compared to the same period last year, and consumables demand declined.

In the second half, meanwhile, the inkjet products we launched in the autumn were extremely well received, but the flooding in Thailand caused more manufacturing and supply delays, and we ended up having to air-freight products and allocate them by region. As a result, we fell short of our printer unit sales target for the year.”

General Manager Donna Ferro commented: “We’re eyeing more [of] a balance of the business and retail segments” as Epson “achieved an unprecedented eleventh year of being the world’s top projector brand.”

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