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Epson releases its Integrated Report 2019

November 14, 2019

Seiko Epson Corporation has published the English version of “Epson Integrated Report 2019.” The report was made available on the company’s corporate website on 14 November.

Epson’s Integrated Report presents shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders with environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) information that provides a picture of its sustainability as an enterprise, financial information that quantitatively shows the state of operations, and business strategy information that reveals its future growth prospects, the company stated.

In Epson’s 25 Corporate Vision for the office printing space, the company talks about expansion of the office market with Inkjet-based solutions for improving productivity and saving energy and resources. Its value proposition is higher productivity, advanced communication with a low environmental impact.

The CEO’s message inside the report says Epson is looking to becoming indispensable by living its core values and driving innovations. Minoru Usui, President and CEO Seiko Epson Corporation writes: “For Epson to become an indispensable company, we must provide value through innovation, so that people see Epson and its products as key contributors to society. If consumers see us in this light, they will be happy to pay for the value we provide, thus funding further innovation. This cycle will lead to sustained growth of the company. In other words, the value we offer must match the expectations of society, and our goal must be to drive innovation and solve societal challenges rather than beat the competition.”

In its printing segment, Epson is looking to refine Micro Piezo technology, and expand into high-productivity segments. Improve environmental performance and create a sustainable printing ecosystem. It is looking to transition away from a business model that is reliant on consumables and accelerate the displacement of laser printers and ink cartridge printers with large-capacity inkjet models such as high-capacity ink tank printers and high-speed linehead inkjet multifunction printers.

You can download the report in PDF format here.





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