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Epson releases “greener” solvent printers

September 19, 2012

OEM launches new line of solvent printers in Australia, claimed to have “better productivity”.

CRN Tech reports on the release of a new line of Epson SureColor S-series solvent printers for the Australian market, which are specifically designed for producing high-volume signs and displays, with “faster speeds, higher output flexibility and improved colour gamut”.

The SureColor SC-S70600 boasts production speeds of 26.8 square metres per hour using an eight colour ink supply, while the SC-S50600 can reach speeds of 51.8 square metres per hour using a four colour configuration; said to be faster than “any other solvent printer on the market”.

The printers are also equipped with a pair of “Thin Film MicroPiezo” print heads that have 720 nozzles per colour, an integrated air drying system, an LCD colour control panel and have support for rolls weighing up to 40 kilograms. They also have a “quiet, low-odour operation” for minimal disruption in office environments and “advanced media management” means that they can continue to print unattended.

Epson has also highlighted that the printers are environmentally friendly, using “Nickel-and-Fluorine-free Solvent Ink technology” that eradicates the need for ventilation or air purification systems, making the workplace safer and healthier.

Prices for the printers start at A$28,995 ($30,273/€23,265) (excluding tax), with replacement ink cartridges costing from A$209 ($218/€167). Epson is also offering free delivery of the printers within all Australian Capital cities.

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