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Epson plans to expand into 3D printing

November 6, 2017

Minoru Usui

The OEM recently revealed its worldwide growth strategy, including plans to penetrate the industrial 3D printing market.

3ders reveals that Seiko Epson Corporation “has announced plans to expand its business operations worldwide”, with the company hoping to increase global revenue “by more than 50 percent” over the next seven years.

“Our vision by 2025 is to create a new age of connected people, things and information with efficient, compact and precision technologies for sustainable growth,” explained the company’s president, Minoru Usui, speaking at Epson Singapore’s 35th anniversary celebrations. “We will position ourselves to provide innovative products that can bridge the gap between the cyberworld and the physical world.”

In order to achieve its proposed growth the OEM will be launching a range of “new products and services” over the next few years, including a new industrial 3D printer, five years after Usui announced that Epson’s future would head “in a 3D printing direction.” At the time 3D printing was viewed as too much of a niche market but now that 3D printing is “becoming the norm” Epson is taking the plunge and “aims to release a model with printing speeds of up to 200ppm.” Epson also wants to design the device to have “a broad range of compatibility” with various 3D printing materials.

“One of our goals for digital printing technology is the ability to print any materials. We are working on 3D printing that can work on a variety of printing material with high accuracy and productivity,” said Usui. 

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