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Epson overhauls management structure

March 16, 2016

Epson logoThe OEM will now have an audit and supervisory committee to “enhance and strengthen corporate governance”.

Epson reported that at a meeting of its board of directors, the decision was taken to move towards becoming “a company with an audit and supervisory committee”, with the move subject to approval at a shareholders’ meeting in June. The OEM has decided on the change because it aims to “continuously enhance and strengthen corporate governance that realises transparent, fair, timely and decisive decision-making to promote sustainable growth and increase corporate value”.

This is an aim that the company wants to achieve “over the mid-to long-term” through the appointment of “more than one” outside director and through establishing a “director nomination committee and a director compensation committee”, both of which would serve as “discretional advisory bodies” for the board of directors at Epson. By adding the committee, the OEM hopes to enhance “the effectiveness of its corporate governance” at meetings and through decision-making.

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