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Epson opens hub in Casablanca

December 11, 2019

The OEM has opened its new African hub in Casablanca, Morocco.

Daily Morocco reported that Epson has chosen Casablanca as its new location to open its Africa Hub which is part of its “new phase of growth on the continent.”

The Epson team based in the new offices will expand the company’s reach in the Maghreb, French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa overseas territories and the Indian Ocean, according to the article. It adds that the current team of twelve will be expanded over the next two years to achieve Epson’s goal of “consolidate existing partnerships and build strong relationships with key regional distributors.”

The aim, according to Daily Morocco, is to reach “double-digit growth every year over the next 5 years” on the African continent which Epson looks at as a growth opportunity.

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