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Epson Nairobi base upgrades to regional office

June 8, 2012

Office to act as OEM’s business operations hub in the East and Central African region as the company seeks to increase market share and sales.

Epson has announced that it will be expanding the company’s presence in sub-Saharan Africa with the upgrade of its Nairobi base, reports the Star.

The base will be expanded into a regional office, and will serve as the OEM’s hub for business operations in the East and Central African region, reported to be part of Epson’s plans to increase market share and sales.

The Nairobi hub will deal with “new products, offer superior after-sales service and strengthen its distribution network in emerging markets like Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa”.

Mukesh Bector, Regional Manager for Epson East Africa, commented: “In our chosen markets on the African continent, we intend to gain market share at a higher rate than market growth by striving to develop and create ground-breaking innovative products at affordable prices for all market segments.”

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