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Epson launches new ReadyInk service

October 23, 2017

Epson’s new “hassle-free” ReadyInk technology means consumers can register to maintain their Epson ink supply.

ReadyInk is described by Epson as a “hassle-free and subscription-free service” which allows its consumers to register with their retailer or reseller when they purchase their printer and sign up for this automated system, which will supply “genuine ink cartridges” whenever their ink begins to run low.

ReadyInk is available on most of Epson’s latest printers. As consumers use their printer, the technology runs in the background and monitors ink levels. When the printer begins to run low, a notification is sent which initiates the process of ordering a new Epson ink cartridge, which will arrive “before the last one runs out.”

Epson explains that all the inks are “available as individual cartridges” so consumers only have to replace the colour that has been depleted. Additionally, the company’s site explains that using its cartridges will “reduce the chance of misprints and the inks are tested so you can trust the quoted yield.”

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