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Epson joins OEM mobile printing alliance

February 13, 2014

The OEM has joined the Mopria Alliance to “advance mobile printing”.Mopria_TM_Alliance_Pos_rgb_092413

Epson announced that it has joined the Mopria Alliance, an organisation of OEMs “working to promote the expansion of mobile printing”, which was set up in September 2013 and includes Canon, HP, Samsung and Xerox among its membership.

Epson noted that the alliance was formed to “bring together the mobile, software and print industries with the goal of aligning standards that ensure printing is universally compatible from any mobile device to any printer, anywhere”. With 50 billion mobile devices estimated to be in use by 2020, the alliance is “focused on making wireless printing […] simple and standardised”.

The OEM also stated that the alliance’s aims include “breaking down barriers between brands by eliminating the need for users to download multiple print solutions”, or print drivers, as well as “creating a better, easier and more accessible user experience” in addition to “using Mopria as a way to educate consumers and businesses” about mobile printing.

Ian Cameron, Global Communications at Epson, stated: “The Mopria Alliance is dedicated to advancing mobile printing to allow busy people on-the-go to conveniently print wherever or whenever, regardless of brand or operating system. Epson is committed to making printing as easy as possible for its customers, and is honoured to collaborate with like-minded organisations to improve how we meet and anticipate customer needs in today’s increasing mobile culture.”

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