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Epson ink tanks succeed in Kenya

July 15, 2016

Kenya is named as the leading country in sales of ink tank printers in Africa.

epson ink tanks

AllAfrica reported that Epson had reached their target of 15 million sales, as previously reported by The Recycler, with Mukesh Bector, Regional Sales Manager for Epson East Africa, noting that “since setting up in this market in 2011, Epson’s strategy has always been focused on real business concerns such as the day-to-day costs of running a printer, as opposed to price”.

He added that “in a span of three years, ITS printers have become the most popular printers for small businesses, and have consistently guaranteed the lowest cost of printing in the market without compromising on quality. The results are evident in our growth”. Bector also said that “Kenya has been a huge success for us, to date, Kenya is the leading country in the uptake of ITS printers in Africa, with local sales last year standing at over 10,000 units”.

The ink tank printers “have been especially successful with SMEs in market due to additional capabilities such as Wi-Fi direct, printing from non-traditional products such as mobile phones as well as cloud printing capabilities to ensure businesses run as smoothly as possible. With a constantly evolving business landscape, Epson is committed to investing and expanding its presence in the market and providing product solutions relevant to its consumers”.


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