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Epson enter the Ghana market

November 9, 2017

The Japanese OEM is widening its reach to help improve productivity in the country.

Epson has launched a range of its products onto the Ghanaian market, reports the Ghana News Agency. The products include inkjet printers, and information and communication solutions, as well as projectors, cameras and stationery.

Stephane Achard, CEO of Digital Document Service Ltd., Epson’s local distributors, said the products would add value to businesses in the country and help them in reducing cost and waste.

Epson’s Arnold Mobolaji stated that Ghana boasted many business opportunities, which influeneced the OEM’s decision to introduce its new products to the market there.

He denied the claim that locals would struggle to obtain Epson spare parts on the market, giving assurance that the company had sufficient stock to meet public demand.

Currently, Epson’s main Africa Office is situated in Nigeria, but the OEM also maintains satellite offices in South Africa, Kenya, and North Africa.

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