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Epson EcoTank hits Filipino market

October 11, 2018

The OEM’s new line-up of its EcoTank range, known previously as the L and M-series, has been launched in the Philippines.

The company declared that the printers boast a “streamlined design with an integrated ink tank, in a more compact size and with innovative spill-free ink bottles.” The new line-up is being targeted at home offices and SMEs.

Epson has also expanded the line-up of its M-series printers, now known as Ecotank Monochrome series printers, with the new flagship EcoTank M2140 printer. The M2140 printer now incorporates the PrecisionCore printhead, bringing “improved nozzle technology with increased print resolutions at 1200 x 2400 dpi, and faster speeds of 20ipm.” The multi-function EcoTank Monochrome series comes with auto-duplex printing as well as scan and copy functions.

Epson asserted that “the EcoTank Monochrome series are able to rival laser printers in terms of overall total cost of ownership and energy consumption, with the printers having 24 times lower power consumption, and bringing 27 times lower overall cost per print compared to laser printers in the Philippines.”

The EcoTank L-series printers with a set of 4 ink bottles yields 4,500 black and white pages and 7,500 colour pages, and the EcoTank Monochrome series yields 6,000 black and white pages.

“With the launch of our EcoTank Monochrome series, we aim to expand the market for inkjet printers and shift users from the entry-level laser printer segment to purchase inkjet printers,” said Eduardo Bonoan, Marketing Director for Epson Philippines. “With the immense advantages it brings in terms of lower overall total cost of ownership and savings in energy consumption and improved impact to the environment, the EcoTank printers can offer a better alternative to laser printers for SMEs and home office segment.”

Epson launched the first ink tank printer model in Indonesia and subsequently in Southeast Asia in 2010. The ink tank printer has sold a cumulative 30 million units worldwide as of July 2018.

The EcoTank L3110 printer is the replacement model for L360 and L380 printers, and the L3150 printer is the replacement model for L405. The M1100 and M1120 models are replacement models for M100.


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