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Epson awarded inkjet GEO

June 3, 2016

The USITC's headquarters in Washington D.C.

The USITC’s headquarters in Washington D.C.

The OEM was awarded the GEO in late May in regards to a patent infringement case concerning inkjet cartridges.

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) announced the General Exclusion Order (GEO) on 26 May, which prohibits “the importation into the United States of ink cartridges and components thereof” covered by a series of patents that the OEM claimed a range of aftermarket defendants infringed. The case began in December 2014, and has now been terminated as a result of the GEO.

Patents named in the case included: 8,366,233; 8,454,116; 8,794,749; 8,801,163 and 8,882,513, and the 19 companies named as defendants included: Zhuhai Nano Digital Technology Co., Ltd.; Nano Business & Technology, Inc.; Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Imaging Products Co. Ltd.; Huebon Co., Ltd.; Chancen Co. Ltd.; Zhuhai Rich Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Orink Infotech International Co., Ltd.; and Orink Infotech International Co. Ltd.

Others consisted of: Zinyaw LLC; Yotat Group Co., Ltd.; Yotat (Zhuhai) Technology Co. Ltd.; Ourway Image Co. Ltd.; Kingway Image Co. Ltd.; Zhuhai Chinamate Technology Co. Ltd.; InkPro2day, LLC; Dongguan Ocbestjet Printer Consumables Co. Ltd.; Ocbestjet Printer Consumables (HK) Co., Ltd.; Aomya Printer Consumables (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd.; and Zhuhai Richeng Development Co. Ltd.

The GEO covers cartridges infringing the patents in question that enter “for consumption into the United States, entry for consumption from foreign trade zone[s], or withdrawal from a warehouse for consumption under bond from the day after” the order was received by the US Trade Representative. Immediately after the GEO was announced, two defendants – Zinyaw LLC and InkPro2Day LLC – were handed cease-and-desist orders by the USITC as well.

Another of the defendants – Zhuhai Richeng – settled with Epson last year after sending a letter to The Recycler and the OEM apologising for any wrongdoing.

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