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Epson argues case for inkjet

May 2, 2019

The OEM published an article on its website comparing inkjet and laser printers arguing why inkjet printers are better for the environment and for business.

Epson describes that environmental responsibility has become an important goal for many of today’s companies as there is ever mounting societal and political pressure to meet environmental targets, and you don’t want to be left out of the “green race”. When it comes to “green tech” there is no doubt that equipping your office with eco-friendly machines is the best choice both ecologically and financially.

According to the OEM every office can potentially become a more environmentally friendly place to work in. From paying attention to the smallest details to making more sound decisions regarding financial matters, it all makes a difference.

Arguing the case for inkjet printers, Epson says that “if you need a machine that is affordable to operate, Epson’s environmentally friendly inkjet printers are your ideal choice as they cost less at the outset and are cheaper to run in the long term than traditional laser printers.”

As Epson’s inkjet printers do not use heat in the printing process, they consume far less power than laser printers. Epson’s inkjet printers consume up to 85 percent less energy than a similar-speed laser printer, which means that for a typical office that requires frequent printing, this can amount to distinct savings in their annual energy bills.

Epson inkjet printers also produce up to 85 percent less carbon dioxide than those of comparable laser printers. This means that for every six cedar trees required to absorb the amount of carbon dioxide as a result of using a laser printer, an Epson inkjet printer requires only one cedar tree, according to Epson.

In terms of waste generation, Epson’s inkjet printers come with fewer components that need replacing, making them more convenient to operate as they require only changing of the ink and waste ink box as compared to the toner, drum, developer, fusers and more components for laser models. This is not a tiny detail as with up to 59 percent less replacement parts compared to laser printers3, using inkjet printers would result in a significantly reduced impact on the environment over the lifetime of a printer, Epson explains.

With less consumables required and less parts needing to be replaced, significantly less downtime and maintenance would be needed compared to a laser printer. In fact, the user intervention time required to replace the parts is less than half compared to a laser printer, which translates into improved office productivity in the long-term.

In conclusion: why choose Epson inkjet? The OEM explains: “Epson has a great history of developing innovative and energy-efficient products and your company deserves the highest quality print workflow. By partnering with the industry’s best printing services and document management solutions you would create a seamless unified experience.

Epson says it can help your company cut your overall business running costs, while reducing carbon footprint at the office and ensuring your printing solutions are as safe and secure as possible. With the Epson WorkForce range you are certain to meet the “triple bottom line” for business printing by improving environmental, economic and societal performances.”

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