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Epson applies for inkjet refilling patent

February 24, 2014

The OEM is attempting to patent the process of refilling an inkjet cartridge in Europe. 

An image from Epson's patent application

An image from Epson’s patent application

Epson’s patent application, EP 2 669 092 A2, holds significance for the refilling industry in Europe, as it relates to a method of refilling ink in an inkjet cartridge, with a translucent part of the cartridge allowing a refiller to see how much ink remains within the cartridge.

This document could become important for refillers and remanufacturers in future, as it seeks to patent the method of refilling of this particular cartridge. Epson is not the first OEM to apply for or be granted a patent relating to refilling or remanufacturing a cartridge: Brother on two occasions and Canon have patented remanufacturing methods for certain cartridges in Europe.

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