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EPEAT regulator launches electronics industry forum

October 12, 2015

GEC-logoThe Green Electronics Council (GEC), which handles registry for the US electronics standard, held its first Emerging Green Conference, aimed at the electronics industry, recyclers and environmental advocacy groups.

Jonas Allen, GEC Director of Marketing, told Waste 360 that the conference brought together a group of people that seldom meet, for a three-day conference which saw the launch of a report linking good environmental stewardship with solid ROI for the electronics industry.

Allen also said that while devices are getting smaller and smaller, reducing environmental impact-per-device, people owning multiple devices may offset this positive trend.

The “idea” of the conference, which was attended by 211 people, was intended to “start a conversation about where to go next”, with the report intended as “a barometer of where the successes are so far and where the electronics can be made even greener.

“The idea was to attract a broad spectrum of folks primed to take action on the lessons we offered.”

The GEC Director said it was “disappointing” that the report found that despite progress in takeback programmes and resource recovery, more computers, monitors and mobile devices are wasted than recycled.


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