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EPEAT-registered products sales see 30 percent growth in 2011

November 23, 2012

Around 120 million EPEAT-registered products sold in 2011, half of which were sold in US.

ZD Net reports that there was a 30 percent growth in the number of products registered under the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) sold worldwide in 2011, with more organisations choosing to use the tool to assess the energy efficiency and toxicity of their products and the technology they buy.

The EPEAT rates products on a number of criteria relating to the environment, including their recyclability, the amount of energy they consume, the length of the product’s lifecycle and their toxicity, thus helping businesses to adopt greener practises and purchase more environmentally friendly IT products.

According to the article, the EPEAT standard has helped to “eliminate the use of enough mercury to fill more than one million household fever thermometers” and to “avoid the disposal of close to 74,100 metric tons of hazardous waste”, with businesses and governments in Europe, Asia and Latin America now using EPEAT in addition to the US.

Standards for imaging equipment have recently been standardised, with these registries expected to be added in 2013. Laura Heywood spoke to The Recycler in September regarding the upcoming  EPEAT IEEE 1680.2 industry standard that will ensure that printer cartridge manufacturers produce toner and inkjet cartridges that can be both recycled and reused in print devices without adversely affecting a manufacturer’s warranty.

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