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EPEAT imaging equipment category launched

February 13, 2013

epeatWorldwide environmental standard rating system expands to include imaging equipment.

Marketwatch reports that the imaging equipment category of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) has been launched, helping to encourage the purchasing of greener printers, consumables and other imaging products.

Adding to EPEAT’s existing registry for PCs and displays, the registry for imaging equipment already includes products from a number of OEMs reported to have joined the registry in January, including Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Ricoh and Xerox, with Konica Minolta and Samsung currently in the process of registering their products with EPEAT. According to the article, this accounts for “at least 80 percent of the global market” for printers, copiers, scanners and MFDs.

To be eligible for EPEAT certification, products are required to meet at least 33 environmental performance criteria based on factors such as their recyclability, energy usage, product lifecycle and toxicity levels; and higher ratings can be achieved by meeting up to 26 further criteria.

Commenting on the launch of EPEAT’s imaging equipment category, Robert Frisbee, CEO of EPEAT, said: “World markets will now be able to easily and reliably identify and purchase greener printers, copiers and scanners based on EPEAT ratings. I applaud the leadership of everyone involved with achieving this important milestone.”

Several of the OEMs registered with EPEAT have spoken about their participation in the imaging equipment registry, with Mario Rufino, Manager, Environmental Management and Product Safety at Canon, commenting that the company is “proud to be among the first imaging equipment providers to participate in the expansion of the EPEAT registry” as it was “developed to highlight leadership in sustainability”; and Jay Dizzine, Vice President, Technology Marketing at Ricoh Americas Corporation, stating: “We strongly believe that the EPEAT Imaging Equipment Program is essential to helping purchasers make informed decisions”.

The aftermarket industry celebrated the securing of the EPEAT IEEE-1680.2 and IEEE-1680.3 industry standards last year, with the standards becoming active in October 2012, enabling public bodies to accept non-OEM cartridges and adding restrictions on refill-prohibiting cartridges, among other benefits.

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