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EPEAT appoints first CEO

March 16, 2012

Robert Frisbee’s appointment will be joined by the addition of three new board members.

Former Director of Development at the Oregon Sustainability Centre Robert Frisbee has been announced as the first CEO of EPEAT. His appointment was also joined by the announcement of three new board members, reports Green Biz.

Christine Ervin, board member and interim CEO of EPEAT, commented: “His top-level goal is scaling up in a solid way. Part of it is expanding EPEAT’s global reach through the multiple certification [process], as well as moving into new, additional projects [and] updating the EPEAT [certifications], because they’re a little long in the tooth. [Each of those] is a huge project on its own.

Ervin also remarked on Frisbee’s role in the continued expansion of EPEAT into global markets.

“We want to start exploring the broader realm of green electronics: certification is just one part of it. [We need to define] the other priorities in terms of research, education and outreach, and what role can we play in furthering that.”

EPEAT has also added three new board members. Mike Biddle, MBA Polymers; Amy Knights, Hasbro; and Carl Smith, Call2Recycle join the board on 15 March.

“The EPEAT board has gone from being an Oregon-based board, as EPEAT was founded and growing, to now becoming more of an international one. These leadership changes reflect the state of the electronics market – EPEAT has attracted world-class talent because they’re so much awareness of the stakes involved and the market potential.

“You keep your eye on the end game. And the end game is huge.”

In 2011, EPEAT collaborated with Ingram Micro, allowing the distributor to purchase annual EPEAT Channel Partner Memberships and granting access to a host of green IT resources.

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