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Environmental Office Solutions gains recycling certification

September 23, 2015

R2The company says it is the first printer cartridge recycling specialist to be certified with the latest Electronics Recycling Standard, R2:2013.

The Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices for Electronics Recyclers certification applies to EOS’ Connecticut facility, with the group now looking to secure the standard for its California base, which already operates according to its principles, Digital Journal reported. It is endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and works by establishing a hierarchy for safe and responsible handling of e-waste through reuse and resource recovery.

EOS, has developed recycling programmes to keep over 20 million pounds of materials from overcrowded landfills. It currently averages over 290,000 cubic feet per month of materials saved from landfill. For every 100,000 toner cartridges that EOS recycles, over 150,000 pounds of plastic, over 50,000 gallons of oil and over 20,000 pounds of aluminum are saved.

The company said in March 2012 that it would be aiming to comply with the 2012 version in May of that year.

Mark Tosi, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, said, “The foundation of EOS was based on responsible recycling practices and keeping waste out of our landfills.

“We have aggressively followed the best practices for electronics materials recycling and have been committed to improving the environment since our founding.”

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