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Environmental Office Solutions announce R2 certification target date

March 7, 2012

May 2012 marks date of predicted successful completion.

Environmental Office Solutions has announced the predicted date for the successful completion of the Responsible Recycling Certification (R2) process as May 2012. The R2 is expected to provide the company with “a transparent verification system, to insure the most ecologically responsible means for managing the recycling for used print cartridges, cell phones and small electronic devices”.

The company, which has been in operation since 1996, has been supplying cartridges and, in recent years used electronics, for reuse in secondary markets. Environmental Office Solutions states that its actions have diverted millions of used cartridges from becoming landfill.

The R2 certification management system, noted by Environmental Office Solutions as the highest industry standard, is expected to provide scope for “continual improvement and insure environmental integrity in the processing and final disposal of all materials” as well as facilitate “Environmental Office Solutions 2012 expansion and leadership role, in providing a financially rewarding opportunity for participation” in recycling programmes.

President and founder Chris Stoddard commented: “These certifications support our ongoing mission to help preserve and protect our environment and our co-workers, in the most socially responsible manner.

“Each time an end of life product is reclaimed for recycling, natural resources are conserved, energy is saved, and our planet is kept safer and cleaner.”

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