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Empty Canon photo cartridges retain images

October 28, 2015

Selphy photoA wedding photographer has discovered that cartridges for Canon’s Selphy line of compact photo printers keep faint copies of the printed images once the device has been used.

Romanian photographer Florin Kiritescu opened up the empty cartridge for his Canon Selphy CP720 after it ran out of paper, to discover the device, which contains both the paper and ink for printing, had “leftover materials” including reams of coloured film, PetaPixel reported.

He created a backlight for the paper and an image appeared, which he then inverted in Photoshop, revealing the original printed shot. PetaPixel said that this type of “ghost image” can also be found in the wasted dye used in dye sublimation printing. Canon launched a number of the Selphy photo printers in July 2012.

Kiritescu said of his chance discovery: “As you can see, if you dispose of the empty cartridge without destroying it, someone will be able to recover your intimate photos. I found this a little bit dangerous for privacy.

“Everybody who wants to print images with the Canon Selphy should destroy these cartridges after use — if they don’t want their personal photos falling into the wrong hands.”

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