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Embatex AG to begin MPS partnership with NubePrint

October 19, 2012

Remanufacturer and MPS provider sign distribution contract for Europe.

Embatex AG has announced that it will distribute and promote NubePrint’s MPS software throughout Europe as part of a newly agreed partnership between the two companies.

The Austrian remanufacturer says that it has spent two years testing MPS programs in terms of liability, security and functionality in order to offer an additional tool for their customers to start and improve their MPS business.

The software solution from NubePrint will be distributed and promoted by Embatex AG in Europe, and is available in more than 10 languages.

Christian Wernhart, CEO of Embatex AG commented: “NubePrint´s MPS software is the best product in the market to manage and control printing output devices in a cost effective way for a reseller, helping him to control and manage all his hidden costs and increase his margin. This is the reason why Embatex AG started this cooperation.”

The Recycler reported in March that Embatex AG predicted the European MPS market to grow by around 50 percent in 2012, with the remanufacturer updating its packaging to reflect whether products are MPS compatible.

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