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Embatex AG raises money for Red Nose Clown Doctors

April 4, 2013

RN1_foto (web)€500,000 donated by remanufacturer to charity helping to bring cheer to those with illness.

Austria-based remanufacturer Embatex AG has announced that it has donated €500,000 ($640,000) to Red Nose Clown Doctors, allowing for over 1,000 clown visits to hospitals and medical facility through charity programme Recycling4smile, which the company has run for 10 years and now operates in five countries across Europe – Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia..

Through the recycling of toner and ink cartridges with the help of companies, schools, clubs and private individuals, Embatex AG has helped to raise the money for the charity, allowing 1,000 clown visits lasting between three and four hours, with each visit benefitting around 40 patients.

Currently, 14,000 Embatex customers across the five countries are registered on and are actively involved in the campaign, with Embatex AG donating €1 for each recyclable cartridge picked up from Red Nose collection boxes. The company says that the scheme not only helps to “bring laughter” to care facilities, but “helps to save resources sustainably”.

Monica Culen, Founder and Managing Director of the International Red Noses group, said: “The support of Embatex AG in the 10 years of our cooperation is of inestimable value for Red Noses. Every year we are again overwhelmed by the great help through the program, recycling4smile. We are pleased that we are in five countries and can make a significant contribution to the development and expansion of our solid clown program with this donation. ”

Embatex has however highlighted that the collection boxes are seeing increasing numbers of fake and replica toner cartridges, hindering the operation as they are costly to get rid of and use up space in the boxes that would otherwise be used for original cartridges.

However, Embatex CEO and Co-Founder of Recycling4smiles, Christian Wernhart, confirmed that the programme would continue and has “no expiration date”, commenting: “We are pleased about every new collector who participates in the action.”

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