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Eight out of 10 UK students use smartphones

March 15, 2013

iphone 4A study by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service shows the growth in technological purchases amongst students in the UK.

The media survey found that four-fifths or 82 percent of new students at universities or colleges in the UK own a smartphone, whilst 20 percent own tablet computers. 11,000 students were surveyed in December, and 9,000 of these said they owned smartphones, which are stated as phones “capable of handling social media, web browsing and email and running apps”.

This is a growth of 122 percent since 2010, with students now 40 percent more likely to own a smartphone than the overall UK population. The growth in social media and the advent of advanced mobile technology is a theme that has affected the imaging supplies industries, with a move towards mobile printing seen in the moves of OEMs towards apps for tablets and smartphones as well.

Keith Parkman, Head of Sales at UCAS Media, said: “The large number of students who now consume content on smartphones and tablets means marketers are competing for their valuable time like never before.

“We know that content must be optimised for mobile, but because young people are connected 24 hours a day, the timing of messages is also important. Marketing professionals should picture students looking at text and images while travelling on the bus, rushing to a lecture, or out socialising. They don’t have much time to spend looking at adverts and the impact has to be immediate.”

“Now think – how do I get the right message to potential customers in that short window of opportunity?”

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