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ECS to expand

August 19, 2016

The remanufacturer is looking to hire someone to work with “all our clients, both current and prospective”.


The new employee will need to “service large customer accounts” and find “new business opportunities” as well as “manage allocated areas effectively”, said ECS. The candidate will require certain attributes such as motivation, a friendly personality, and an ability to work hard in order to “progress and achieve high standards”.

ECS said that its business “sells on service”, and so it is important that the “superstar” is “100 percent dedicated to the company’s mission and vision”, and should “genuinely care about our clients” as well as being “committed to improving his/her performance”, while being willing to “work hard and achieve set targets”.

The job entails “developing new business” through leads and “cold calling new clients” and meet prospective clients as well as tending to existing ones and the candidate will work “closely” with the Sales Director. There is a requirement for “accurate data base” admin and working to “deadlines”, and the candidate should also be good at meetings with new people – either in person or on the phone – and be professional and respectful when working with people of “senior authority”.

The prospective candidate, the remanufacturer noted, should have B2B experience in a “corporate market” and be able to familiarise themselves with prospective customers and their needs as well as “selling our whole portfolio”. ECS would also like someone who can “be an expert” in the market from “customers to competitors” and in technology trends.

The job description goes on to say that ECS would also like someone who will go “above and beyond” for business goals and “provide accurate sales forecasts” as well as maintaining client networks and “building relationships at all levels” and be able to “focus on financial issues” whilst being good at negotiating and communication. Summing up, ECS said that it wants someone with a “genuine team spirit” who will also “support” colleagues.


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