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ECS’ recycling division shortlisted for UK award

April 21, 2016

ECS The Greener Side is on the shortlist for MRW’s National Recycling Awards 2016.ECS_The_Greener_Side

The remanufacturer stated that the division “has been shortlisted” for the awards “after a rigorous selection process”, in the WEEE Innovation of the Year category. The awards are said by the company to be “renowned” as the “UK’s biggest celebration of recycling and waste management excellence”, and also “recognise and highlight the excellence and innovation present throughout the recycling and resource management sector today”.

In order for the awards to recognise “excellence across the industry and address recycling, reuse and waste reduction”, entrants need to “demonstrate effective strategy, tangible improvement, innovative and creative solutions, and a strong business case”, with being shortlisted as “much about the bottom line as the environment”. ECS noted that the nomination “comes at a most exciting time” for ECS The Greener Side, because it has a “growing campaign” for recycling in response to the revised WEEE laws.

The company stated that all its partners “have access to a bespoke closed-loop recycling service for all printer and copier consumables”, to ensure that “their partners comply with the waste regulations”. This is said to be down to a desire to “transform our industry’s environmental credentials”, and ECS The Greener Side “employs a team of highly-skilled waste management specialists who are overseen by our own in-house, WAMITAB-certified Level 4 Waste Management Instructor”.

All of the division’s operations are undertaken “in a fully-equipped ISO14001 waste management centre”, which itself features “areas dedicated to remanufacturing, refurbishing, recycling and storage”. Winners of the awards will be announced at a ceremony on 6 July in London, at the London Hilton Hotel.

Chris Fink, Director of ECS, commented: “It is fantastic to see our recycling arm of the business make it this far in the awards. We are extremely happy to be selected as a finalist and are confident we can win the Award for WEEE Innovation. With recycling being such an important agenda, it is also our aim to highlight the unseen disasters that cartridges sent to UK landfill and overseas are causing to the local and global environment.

“Organisations need to pay attention to what is happening and help contribute to creating a sustainable planet for everyone. I am proud to say that we are helping to tackle the waste issue head on, with a simple and efficient solution for all our partners.”

Felicity Rabbitte, also Director of ECS, added: “Our end goal is to highlight the benefits of recycling with ECS The Greener Side to every trade supplier of toner cartridges up and down the country in an effort to combine forces and improve our environment and economy together, for the better.”




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