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ECS opens new UK recycling facility

July 29, 2015

The consumables distributor has expanded its remanufacturing and recycling capability with a new depot in Misterton, England.

ECS' new recycling depot in Misterton, South Yorkshire

ECS’ new recycling depot in Misterton, South Yorkshire

The company stated that the new depot will “bring significant expansion to our recycling efforts”, with the new site situated in Misterton, South Yorkshire previously a highway services depot. ECS noted that with its Greener Side recycling scheme – collecting used toner cartridges and WEEE – “having proven popular amongst our partners”, expanding the scheme “with the new recycling depot was the next step”.

The new depot site “was perfect to become the new home for our recycling team”, the company added, as “it is ideally located near our distribution centre in Misterton”, offering it “ample space to house and upscale our recycling facilities”. The site has been given a “facelift” to transform it into a “fully-functioning recycling facility complete with state-of-the-art equipment” and “increased capacity”, which will allow ECS to “increase the number of toner cartridges that we either remanufacture or recycle”.

Another advantage is that it can “supply even more empties to our OEM and remanufacturing partners around Europe”, with ECS’ aim to help reduce the 65 million used toner cartridges sent to landfill in the UK each year and “transform our industry’s green credentials”. In turn, this allows partners and clients “the opportunity to make a difference” by joining in with the Greener Side scheme.

The company went on to note that it is “at the forefront of the campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle”, with a “strict zero to landfill policy” meaning it is “able to guarantee that nothing our partners send us is sent to landfill”. ECS claims to “either reuse, remanufacture or recycle everything which we receive”, saving resources and “preventing any damage to the environment”, and the new recycling depot “will ensure our industry is at the forefront in the quest for zero waste”.

Chris Fink, Director of ECS, stated: “ECS has invested heavily in its UK infrastructure over the past couple of years; acquiring Tinto Laser Ltd. and GreenAgenda in 2014, enlarging our UK distribution centre, combined with the development and expansion of our recycling facility, we have demonstrated that we are committed to improving our infrastructure to ensure that we can provide our partners with the best and environmentally conscious service available within the UK.”

Felicity Rabbitte, CEO of ECS, added: “By strengthening our recycling facility with the new depot, we will be able to improve our green credentials and improve our recycling infrastructure. We will continue to strengthen our recycling department in the future in order to meet both our and our partners’ environmental goals.”

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