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ECS issues false labelling warning

June 25, 2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (UK) issued a statement regarding Distributor agreements and ECS products.

The remanufacturer of the year explained that the discovery of a number of falsely labelled ‘ECS Toners’ on sites such as Amazon and Ebay has prompted the company into action, as well as rumours that ECS products are readily available from multiple locations in France. 

ECS explained the company has taken action and will continue to do so against any false retailers who claim to be selling ECS products, in particular those on online retail sites like Amazon and Ebay.

The company explained that these types of retailers and sellers can cause damage to their reputation, while making financial gains only for themselves, an issue that the majority of brands are dealing with in the industry.

In addition to this, the remanufacturer would like to remind the aftermarket that ECS products are only available in France through their authorised distributor; Copyclic.

Director Chris Fink said: “ECS remains committed to enforcing legal action upon retailers and companies who do not respect ECS’s intellectual property.”

The company would also like to remind worldwide distributors that their authorised distributor scheme is still available. Any interest in this scheme can be discussed via

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