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ECS discusses staff education

March 22, 2016

ECS' Adrian Lovatt

ECS’ Adrian Lovatt

The remanufacturer pointed out that “education [is] not a waste” when it comes to waste management and regulations.

On its website, the remanufacturer featured its employee, recycling coordinator Adrian Lovatt, who has “successfully qualified” as a level four WAMITAB operator, enabling the remanufacturer “to demonstrate that they employ technically competent people who possess the knowledge and skills to ensure our waste management operations fully comply with current environmental and government regulations”.

It added that it prides itself “on hiring the right team to remanufacture, distribute and market” its products, and was awarded the ‘Investors in People’ standard last year, which “provides a baseline for good management practice”. In addition, ECS, believes that “it is vital for their employees to be challenged and rewarded, by embarking on a continual learning curve”.

With the company being based in the UK, there is a “greater emphasis on minimising the amount of waste being sent to landfill”, and so “extracting greater value from waste” through recycling and reuse helps to “reach 2020 targets set by the government”. The remanufacturer says it is “on the path to helping the country achieve this goal, by supporting the UK circular economy with their zero-to-landfill recycling scheme for toner cartridges”.

Lovatt stated: “It is a great working environment for all employees who are looking for a career with ECS. We have multiple apprenticeships on offer, with many of our apprentices now being fully qualified and looking forward to their next big challenge. Last year, we had two of our apprentices reach the final of the Gainsborough Local Business Awards for having made outstanding progress within the company.

“The opportunities available at ECS are all designed to improve the way we operate and increase the number of services we can offer to our customers. Currently, I am qualified to deliver training to adults, assess them for competence, assess the assessor and deliver waste management training courses. Very soon, I will be qualified to asses organisations for compliance in accordance with the International Standards of 9001 for quality for an awarding body.

“We have already worked with a number of organisations and currently offer a variety of waste management training courses up and down the country.”

In turn, ECS’ Director Felicity Rabbitte commented that “education is key, in life and in business. We have a very hardworking team of people who make it their aim to provide our customers with exactly what they’re after – whether that is quality products, helpful customer service or training – it is our mission to educate and progress with the times, ensuring that we have a steadfast group of individuals that together make an impressionable team.

“Adrian is a prime example of just how far we will go to get the best out of our employees, and ultimately for them to go home at the end of the day feeling proud about what they have accomplished”.

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