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ECS discusses its “value-added proposition”

July 25, 2016

The UK remanufacturer pointed out that its services provide the proposition under a “blueprint for success”.

ECS' new recycling depot in Misterton, South Yorkshire

ECS’ new recycling depot in Misterton, South Yorkshire

In a press release, the company stated that “we firmly believe in providing all our partners with a value-added proposition – which means that when you choose to enter into partnership with us, you know that we will always go that extra mile for you”. The remanufacturer’s “blueprint for success”, which it describes as “highly effective”, was introduced to “put you and your business at the top of your game”, with the company stating that it’s not “just your average toner supplier”.

It went on to note that it offers a number of “tools and products” to help customers with “business tenders” and to “retain your customers and win new business”. ECS believes that “value amounts to much more than just saving you money”, because “it is the service, the quality, the many multiple benefits that arise out of a mutually beneficial partnership”.

Asking customers if they are “using us to your full potential”, the remanufacturer highlighted that its cartridges are “proven and tested by our technical team and guarantee to match the OEM specification”, and highlights that customers can “become an approved preferred ECS (UK) Ltd reseller and attract more customers to your very own e-commerce store”.

In turn, utilising its subsidiary ECS The Greener Side, customers can “recycle your waste printer and copier consumables […] and boost your tender score by at least 30 points”, and using the recently-launched Atom service, customers can also “increase your unidentified sales opportunities with in-depth waste stream analysis and instant reporting”.

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