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Ecologic collects 145,000 tonnes of WEEE in France

July 14, 2017

The French partner to WEEElogic has collected and treated over 145,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste in compliance with WEEE directives.

Ecologic, the French compliance and take back scheme has published its annual report in compliance with legal requirements and in line with the French Environmental Agency that collates the country’s collection and recycling performance.

Ecologic collected over 145,000 tonnes of e-waste which consisted of;  consumer electronics, consumer goods, toys, tools, cooling and freezing appliances, air conditioning, ventilation systems, TV’s and Hifi, IT, printers and all electrical and electronics equipment in line with circular economy.

More than 20,195 tonnes were collected from professional users such as IT, copying equipment, printers, telecommunications and professional catering. Ecologic has increased its collection by 30 percent which is mainly due to lower material prices and many tonnes have been redirected to local authority collection points.

Ecologic said that it had been a very challenging year for B2C and B2B WEEE collection performance due to renewed government approvals of B2B and professional kitchen waste which Ecologic is approved to manage.

The company also said that it has reinforced its quality in environmental management and control to be able to maintain the level of performance, audits and services and that it considers its involvement within WEEElogic as a duty for a better future due to management, efficiency and control and expects to continue its improvements in years to come.

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