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ECi Solutions and Supplies Network celebrate service milestone

May 23, 2012

FMAudit stated as servicing more than 3 million devices, with onsite client installed in more than 100,000 end user organisations.

Software solutions company ECi Software Solutions and IT consumables wholesaler Supplies Network have recently celebrated the achievement of “two major milestones” with claims that their MPS data collection software FMAudit monitors more than three million devices and its Onsite client software is installed in more than 100,000 end-user organisations.

FMAudit’s Web Services also enables Supplies Network with an avenue to provide its mpsSELECT services portfolio to FMAudit customers, touted as able to “greatly reduce the cost and risk to the reseller or partner in the management of end-user MPS engagements”.

Doug Johnson, Senior Vice President of Supplies Network, commented: “We have been very pleased with the growth and performance of our programme with FMAudit. As a preferred partner, FMAudit’s Web Services have opened up access of our market-leading services to a wide range of resellers and partners throughout the US.

“Our growth utilising this capability has been outstanding. This solution has proven to be the lowest cost in terms of subscription price, Internet bandwidth and infrastructure.”

Kevin Tetu, President of FMAudit, added: “When you combine our current success with a host of new products and services that FMAudit has been preparing over the last year, we anticipate our continued growth to be phenomenal.

“We’ve officially released our new Deployer application that greatly simplifies the installation and management of a suite of MPS software applications within a dealer’s portfolio.

“Through a partner coalition, Supplies Network is the FMAudit partner to have access to this game-changing differentiator in the MPS arena.”

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