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ECi reveals 2015 conference plans

December 1, 2014

The software provider will host its 2015 Connect Conference in Florida next November.ecilogo

The company’s Connect Conference, which was held from 10 to 12 November in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, allowed companies from across the world served by ECi and its software programmes to come together to “educate, collaborate and inspire”, with next year’s event already planned in for 9 to 11 November 2015 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Florida.

This year’s event saw talks about “the importance of SMBs to the economy”, the “growing importance of millennials in the marketplace”, and a host of other important discussions. President and CEO Ron Books and COO Trevor Gruenewald were among the speakers, whilst entertainment was provided by The Passing Zone and Shane Elvis, a juggling duo and Elvis impersonator respectively.

Book stated: “Everyone enjoys this event—our customers, vendors and employees. It’s exciting to see small and medium size businesses that are growing and making an investment in learning new things. Connect reminds us here at ECi that our goal is more than providing software and technology but rather to support the entrepreneurial spirit and profitable growth of independent businesses. It’s wonderful to see our mission in action at an event like Connect. Connect 2015 will just be an extension of that goal!”

Adriane McKenny, from ECi customer Kyle Office Solutions, added: “One of the best things about this conference was meeting some of the many people who I’ve only emailed or spoken to over the phone. I am awed by the multiple hats that employees of small and medium sized businesses wear! I am definitely inspired to take back all the knowledge that I’ve received to share with my co-workers and have some exciting new ideas for Kyle Office Solutions.”

Traci Johnson, ECi’s Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Marketing, commented: “Connect is a unique event exclusive to our customers. Our customers represent small and medium size businesses who share common challenges in today’s changing markets. Not only do they get to network with others in their industry, but they also get to meet folks from other industries, providing a unique chance to learn from many sources and gain new prospects and ultimately new customers.

“As Adriane said, it’s the connections made that are so important. Connect 2015 will provide our customers with another opportunity to make valuable connections and learn about new technology specific to their businesses. Moving to a Disney Resort will only serve to enhance the experience.”

The company was recently awarded an MPS technology patent (, and integrated some of its software with another company, Digital Gateway, in September (

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