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ECi releases updated M1® software

September 29, 2017

The company has released version 9.2 of the software, which will provide improved functionality and customer benefits for users.

ECi Software Solutions, a provider of industry-specific information technology solutions, has announced the release of version 9.2 of the company’s M1 software, an ERP software solution that was designed to benefit small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses.

This new version includes enhanced features with cost of goods sold (COGS) for precise job costing and first in first out / last in first out (FIFO/LIFO) inventory control. This improved functionality gives manufacturers “visibility into their business, enabling them to track job costs in real time” according to the company’s press release.

“The extended capabilities of M1 lets business owners and managers see details inside their various business operations,” said John Bugh, Manufacturing Division President for ECi. “Access to meaningful information helps manufacturers analyze trends and be proactive, rather than reactive. Our manufacturing customers gain a competitive advantage when they have better insights that help them make informed business decisions.” 

“M1’s user interface allows us to create custom calendar views, which have been a game changer for us,” said Bob Leety, President of Horberg Industries, Inc.  “For any given month we look at Late Deliveries, Scheduled Deliveries, and Shipments, all on the same calendar view. With the monthly totals at the top, we’re able to measure our progress against our goals, and having it on our start page gives it the visibility we need to stay on top of it.” 

Incorporating common user interfaces, M1 has increased its ease of use and intuitiveness, and the latest version includes handy features such as the M1 HR module, which enables manufacturers to define and track employee skills for optimised labour allocation.

“For M1 9.2, we focused on modernizing our software platform, which helps ensure the long-term viability and stability of our product,” said Adam Forde, M1 Product Manager. “M1’s enhanced user screens improve data entry efficiency and ease-of-use with an intuitive software interface common to contemporary software offerings. We believe with the new Cost of Goods module and LIFO/FIFO costing companies can manage their costs in real-time due to our understanding of the challenges of running a small-to-medium size business in a very competitive landscape.”

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