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ECi launches new service technology website

February 20, 2015

ecilogoThe software provider’s new site will provide information on the “benefits” of its ERP software and offerings.

The company announced the launch of the service technology website, noting that it provides information to users about its e-automate ERP (enterprise resource planning) service and technology, other service technology products it produces, and “news about ECi and the service technology industry”.

With the e-automate software used by “more than 1,400 companies around the world”, ECi added that the new site is “part of the rebranding process” for the technology, stating that it aims to “bring it further in alignment with the ECi family of companies”. It also commented that the rebranding “highlights ECi’s mission of furnishing independent businesses with resources to remain competitive and profitable”, with a “self-service atmosphere” on the site allowing users to learn more themselves.

Among these features include the ability to “sign up for demos and educational webinars and resources”, as well as “contact a sales representative” or “find upcoming tradeshows”, and the company hopes to broaden its customer base, which includes “office equipment dealers as well as other companies that sell and service technology”, noting that e-automate “helps streamline” business processes as well as tying together “all aspects of service-centric businesses”.

Laryssa Alexander, President of ECi’s Service Technology Group, commented: “We are excited to launch this new resource to give both customers and prospects easy access to information about ECi e-automate software products and services. With a wealth of information available, the new site will be a great place to learn how ERP software can benefit the growing service technology provider.”

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