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ECi integrates software with new company

September 17, 2014

The company’s subsidiary Digital Gateway will integrate its e-automate software with Etactics.ecilogo

Digital Gateway’s e-automate ERP (enterprise resource planning) software has previously been integrated with remanufacturer TonerCycle/InkCycle, and the new partnership with business services company Etactics will see the integration of the software “provide additional invoice and statement solutions to Digital Gateway’s 1,400-plus e-customers”.

This integration “will simplify creation and delivery” of the aforementioned invoices and statements, with the new relationship providing dealers with an “additional solution”, offering the option to provide Etactics with invoice data “that will allow them to re-engineer and deliver invoices or statements to their end-users in an automated manner”.

Dealers using the e-automate software will also be given the chance to “automate the invoice delivery process” , with business rules employed to “automate the delivery of the printed document using one of their four delivery methods – USPS, fax server, electronic presentment or a mobile device”. The well-formatted invoice’s quicker passage to the end-user will “have a positive impact on managing again receivables and allow dealers to better manage cash”.

Laryssa Alexander, President of ECi’s Service Technology Division, stated: “We are excited about this strategic alliance with Etactics. Our customers will have the benefit of creating custom invoices that incorporate their data and employ a format that makes it easy for the end user to remit payment.

“Our industry has complex agreements with high transaction volumes. Accounting for all of the transactional data an end user requires on an invoice or statement can be a challenge. DGI’s integration of e?automate with the Etactics products will provide the dealer community with custom invoice or statement solutions that best address these ever?changing requirements.”

Bill Salm, Jr., Vice President of Etactics, added: “We realise the importance of helping preserve the ERP investments of dealers by providing our complementary invoicing solutions to the e?automate dealer base. Our solutions enhance the robust nature of Digital Gateway’s existing ERP portfolio. It’s a resounding message to their dealer community that Digital Gateway continues to source partners that bring greater value to the relationship.”

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