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ECi integrates FMAudit with new software

July 22, 2015

The software company’s FMAudit MPS solution will work in tandem with a fleet assessment tool.FMAlogo1

The fleet tool, DOC Assess from Office Document Consulting (ODC), will be accessible for FMAudit users through their Central v4.0 interface, with ECi stating that “fleet assessment is a labour-intensive process requiring multiple spreadsheets and extreme attention to detail”. DOC Assess, it notes, “automates this process, saving hours of time and greatly reducing errors”, and the integration of both programmes “will give users […] the ability to help customers map their equipment fleets for maximum efficiency in both output and cost-savings”.

The DOC Assess tool is web-based and utilises a mobile mapping app created for use by MPS providers, and works by the MPS provider “loading a data collection agent at the customer site”. Information including print and copy volumes, equipment inventory and floor plans are “uploaded into DOC Assess”, with inventory “mapped to its physical location” on the floor plans to help create the “existing” portion of the fleet assessment.

After this, the MPS provider then loads a spreadsheet “detailing the quantities of each model of equipment” into DOC Assess, mapping them to blank floor plans before inputting the “required financial parameters”, with the end result the “proposed” aspect of the assessment. DOC Assess, ECi added, also provides “current” and “proposed” comparisons, with savings “clearly identified”.

Kevin Tetu, President of ECi FMAudit, stated: “We are very excited to facilitate direct access to DOC Assess for our customers. This assessment tool will allow FMAudit users to furnish a valuable service to their customers by showing them how they can save money and increase output just by improving the physical layout of their fleet.

“Floor mapping is integrated and can be viewed in FMAudit Central. It is important for us to give our dealers the tools needed to offer unique services that further their growth in the highly competitive MPS market and successfully transition them into managed services.”

Mike Lamothe, President of ODC, added: “Providing dynamic connectivity between ECi FMAudit’s Central V4 and DOC Assess and incorporating DOC Assess mapped floorplans inside Central V4 have been a primary focus for us in Q1. It’s thrilling to see our combined efforts materialise the way they have—now we have a foundation to build on. Over the next six months, ODC and ECi FMAudit will be introducing additional elements that will give our end users an even greater competitive advantage.”

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