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ECi forms MPS alliance with tablet software provider

October 31, 2013

The deal with Office Document Consulting will allow staff to demonstrate and sell MPS in the field.mps

IT solutions company ECi, which owns MPS provider FMAudit, has signed a “strategic” MPS alliance with MPS tablet software company Office Document Consulting (ODC), whereby joint customers “will be able to sell MPS in the field using a tablet device”.

FMAudit customers will be able to utilise tablets through ODC’s MPS in a Tablet software, and “perform an MPS analysis and develop a strategy to engage the sales process faster”. The tablets provided are “fully customised and preloaded with all the resources needed to sell MPS”, including a “drag-and-drop” feature for mapping which “eliminates” the long waits in terms of printing each device’s data pages, and from manually mapping printers.

The FMAudit data gathered is then loaded into the tablet, “making it easy to analyse current costs and develop a proposed cost-per-page MPS programme”. Prospective MPS users will be able to see a live demonstration of statistics and processes tailored to their needs, and sales personnel would be able to “provide analysis in the field”, thereby reducing the time spent on “traditional” assessments.

Kevin Tetu, President of ECi FMAudit, stated: “We are very excited about this new strategic alliance. This will provide our customers with an easy?to?use solution that produces great results. We’ve had many requests for a tool specifically for MPS sales teams and now we have one.”

Mike Lamothe, President of ODC, added: “We are pleased to announce our new relationship with ECi FMAudit as we look to expand our value?added services. MPS in a Tablet will provide a unique blend of FMAudit, DOCassess, MPS Documents, presentations, videos and e?learning, all managed by an industry?specific CRM so information for particular customers is always at hand.”

ECi recently hired a new Vice President of Global Customer Services, and reported in August that its FMAudit software now monitors over four million printers worldwide.

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