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ECi awarded patent for FMAudit MPS technology

November 8, 2013

mpsThe technology conglomerate has been awarded a patent in Canada for its MPS technology.

ECi, which owns FMAudit and licences its MPS technology, has been awarded a patent by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for the MPS software, which covers the “full suite of FMAudit products and capabilities”. The patent was issued on 13 August, under patent number 2,615,438.

The patent comes under the field of “data collection and digital repositories for printing and imaging devices”, and covers much of FMAudit’s product suite, including its Central, Onsite, WebAudit and Agent software. The company had revealed in August that FMAudit software is now used on over four million printers worldwide in MPS programmes.

The specifics of the patent cover a “method and system for collecting information from several printing devices, storing the records in a digital repository and delivering readable materials for analysis”, with ECi adding that the goal was to “provide end-users with the ability to click a link or download the application from a portable external storage device […] and aggregate data” collected from the network and machines. In addition, the same patent is pending in the US market.

Kevin Tetu, President of FMAudit and the inventor of the software covered by the patent, stated: “When Greg Allen and I founded FMAudit in 2004, we knew that some of the things we were working on were very special and wanted to protect that.

“Innovation and intellectual property have always formed a valuable part of the FMAudit business. It took a lot of work to get the technology to this point, and this patent demonstrates the unique value of the FMAudit products to office equipment dealers.”

ECi also recently formed an MPS alliance with a tablet software provider to put FMAudit’s MPS software onto tablets for ease of use in the field.

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