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August 24, 2018

ECi Software Solutions has announced a new integration between its Private Supply Network (PSN) for DDMSPLUS software and Liberty Laser Solutions.

Liberty Laser Solutions is a provider of ink and toner products made in the United States.

The integration will make the transmission of purchase orders and receipt of acknowledgements even easier, according to ECi. 

“This integration will provide great benefits to our customers,” said Brian Bowerfind, ECi’s Distribution Division President. “For one, it will give Liberty Laser Solutions’ USA-made product line additional opportunities to compete in the current market. This integration also helps to increase ordering efficiencies and streamline processes.” 

“We listened to our audience, it’s that simple,” said Mindy Smith, President of Liberty Laser Solutions. “We are excited to join forces with ECi to give our existing and potential customers the EDI solution for which they’ve asked. This integration will automate and simplify the ordering process; it has never been easier, in our 22-year history, for our associates to provide high-quality, USA-made toner and ink products to their customer base.”

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