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ECI adds OEM Connect to e-automate

October 14, 2020

ECI Software Solutions announced the addition of OEM Connect to its PO Processor platform, bringing its roster to 30+ vendors. This integration will offer e-automate customers improved ordering efficiency and pricing visibility.

ECI’s PO Processor, an add-on solution to e-automate – the company’s cloud-based ERP software for office technology dealers and equipment maintenance and service companies – simplifies those processes by enabling instant access to pricing and product availability, direct order placements with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers and real-time purchase order confirmations.

OEM Connect is an OEM surplus company where dealers can save money and get originally manufactured toner. With the addition of OEM Connect, e-automate users will have access to even more vendor connections to provide them with flexibility and choice, further simplifying their day-to-day operations.

“We have been helping wholesalers and copier dealers save significant amounts of money on toner and parts for the better part of 20 years, but we’ve mostly done it the old fashioned way without a top notch technology solution like ECI’s PO Processor platform,” said Tom Cooper, VP of Sales and Purchasing at OEM Connect. “There still are plenty of dealers out there who don’t know that they can be saving 20-30% on at least a portion of their OEM supplies and parts. By working with ECI, we are able to achieve our goal of getting those dealers the best deals and, in turn, helping to keep the office technology industry thriving.”

“Our PO Processor platform automates and simplifies critical business processes to save time and money,” said Laryssa Alexander, ECI Field Service Division President. “By adding OEM Connect to our network, we’re giving our customers even more opportunity to streamline their operations, while working with the vendors of their choice. We’re looking forward to seeing how this new connection further enables growth and savings for our customer base.”

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