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EBP’s 3D printer finds UK distributor

July 22, 2016

The Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D printer, manufactured by EBP

The Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D printer, manufactured by EBP

The machine, produced by the remanufacturer for the global company, will be distributed in the UK market by Tech Data.

PrintWeek reported on the announcement, which has seen the printer launched “this month” by Polaroid through Tech Data, the “exclusive distributor” for the ModelSmart 250S device manufactured by EBP (Environmental Business Products). The machine is said to be targeted at “consumers, designers and schools” as well as commercial markets, with a “look and feel that aims to blend in with the décor of offices, classrooms or living rooms”.

In January, EBP and Polaroid signed a three-year deal for the production of the device, with EBP the “sole manufacturer of the Polaroid 3D printer and consumables range”, as well as having “exclusivity in 15 European markets”, and the device was said at the time to be going on sale “through reseller and retail outlets across Europe” over the following few months. EBP previously launched its range of 3D printers last year, which included the ModelSmart 280 and 200 devices.

Key features include a wireless-enabled inside camera, dimensions of 250mm x 150mm x 150mm (width, height and diameter), “accurate” auto-calibration, a vertical resolution or layer height of 50 to 350 microns, and EBP’s Helpful Printer Driver software “for convenient consumables re-ordering”. Also, its print speed ranges from 20mm/s to 100mm/s, while the interior camera can be accessed from a phone app or web browser.

The device will print in nine PLA colours – pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, lime, black, white, silver and wood, and a “bi-directional” smartchip mechanism on the filament cartridge “identifies filament levels and ensures [the] correct material is used”. In turn, a “revolutionary and transparent double-sided adhesive z-azis” sheet is applied to the print bed for “effortless application, adhesion and model removal”. Finally, the printer is both Mac and Windows compatible.

The ModelSmart 250S will cost around £1,500 ($1,979/€1,793), with Tech Data aiming to “sign up companies for a multi-tiered partner programme” with a “sliding scale of discounts”, and the printer also comes with Polaroid’s Prep software, which enables “non-experts such as consumers to print 3D models”.

Peter Lunn, Tech Data’s Senior Category Manager, added: “With most 3D printers the software is quite difficult, but Polaroid Prep is really, really easy to use. 3D printing is at the cusp of becoming consumer acceptable and Polaroid wants to be there at the beginning.”

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