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EBP launches 3D printer range

April 10, 2015

The UK remanufacturer has produced the ST3Di range of 3D printers, and has teamed up with schools for a 3D design challenge.

ST3Di's ModelSmart Pro 280 3D printer

ST3Di’s ModelSmart Pro 280 3D printer

The ModelSmart Pro printer range was launched today at the Staples store in Milton Keynes, and will be sold through other retailers across the UK throughout 2015. The range consists of the 280 and 200 3D printers, with the 280 featuring dual extruders, two filament cartridges and compatibility with PLA, wood, ABS and PVA filaments.

The 280 also has an LCD touchscreen, while the filament cartridges come in eight PLA and two ABS colours, with Helpful Printer Driver software and a chip mechanism that “identifies filament levels and ensures correct material is used”. The 200 model meanwhile has a single extruder, one filament cartridge and compatibility with PLA and wood filaments, alongside the driver functionality and LCD touchscreen.

As part of the launch, ST3Di has “hooked up with local schools” for a 3D design challenge, as now 3D printing is “part of the National Curriculum” in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), it’s “more important than ever that both teachers and students understand the benefits”. The company will work with secondary schools in the Milton Keynes area, with students submitting designs to a judging panel of “industry experts, media, influential bloggers and model creators”.

Five winners, one from each school year, will be named in June and win a £100 ($146/€138) gift voucher, as well as have their design printed out on one of the machines. In turn, the school that submits the most entries will receive discount vouchers for ST3Di’s 3D printing products.

Aleem Hosein, Managing Director of EBP (Environmental Business Products), stated: “The ST3Di team has created a 3D printer and consumables range, which is best in market and responds to the needs of today’s ‘prosumer’. We want to share our knowledge with the innovators of tomorrow. Children learn through play, and we are looking forward to working with local schools and seeing their masterpieces come alive.”

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