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Dubai’s youngest recycler

October 28, 2016

Nine year old Yug Shah has been cleaning up the streets of Dubai.

Green Prophet reported that Shah started picking up rubbish because he was “annoyed by street side litter” and that his action progressed and in just “two weeks he collected 18 times his bodyweight in recyclable materials” (526 kilograms) and is standing up for “planetary stewardship.

THE World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG)are supporting his passion as they “partner with local schools” in the education of children on green house issues and encourage them to do the same as Shah.


Shah is in the fifth grade at Al Warqaa and has already taken part in Earth Day and Early Hour events and was a member of Students for Earth and is now establishing his own mini recycling programme helped by family, neighbours and friends. The young boy made his own fliers and handed them out to 25 people and then went on to canvas door to door and encourage others to learn about recycling which he then collected and took it to EEG for recycling.

Shah commented that “It is our responsibility to take action and spread awareness among people so that all become environment conscious.”

On the EEG website it is stated that the Neighbourhood Recycling project “provides students a platform to contribute to the society they live in and an opportunity to act as responsible change agents at a young age. Once registered with the campaign, kids are encouraged to collect mobile phones, batteries, printer toners and ink cartridges, paper, plastic, gave the youngster the platform to show his enthusiasm, giving him a chance to act as a responsible change agent.

The students who take part also earn the chance to plant a tree, which will have their name on it, in a public place in the United Arab Emirates. This is part of the EEG’s programme and the organisers commented that this was “proof that well planned youth engagement programmes do work” and that it is “never to early to start teaching environmental stewardship”.



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