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DNA chip produced with inkjet printer

November 2, 2011

The reusable chip has been produced by Duke University.

Scientists in Duke University have managed to create a reusable DNA chip from which DNA building blocks may be photocopied and used to create unique nanoscale structures, reports Next Big Future.

Duke University researchers have used an inkjet printer head to place droplets of chemicals on the plastic chip, slowly building a DNA strand of various length and composition. The researchers were surprised, subsequently discovered the chip could be reused.

Ishtiaq Saaem, a biomedical engineering researcher at Duke, commented: “We found we had an “immortal” DNA chip on our hands. Essentially, we were able to do the biological copying process to release material off the chip tens of times. The process seems to work even using a chip that we made, used, stored in -20C for a while, and brought out and used again.

“I would not be surprised if this methodology is used to fabricate the next generation of microprocessors that can push Moore’s law even further.”

The team intends to produce larger DNA structures, and determining the limits of the chip itself.

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