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DMC Canotec introduces “The Agile Toolkit”

April 30, 2020

The company has introduced “The Agile Toolkit”, solutions to support digital transformation and home working.

DMC Canotec explained that many customers who had either not considered remote working or had not planned to roll tools and solutions out this year are now looking at how they can empower their staff and ensure they feel comfortable and safe when they do return to work.

Technologies that would take months to be adopted are now being implemented within days. The lessons learnt and the solutions implemented today could radically change how they do business in the future and if they are able to continue doing business.

Solutions included in “The Agile Toolkit” include Hybrid Mail (Print and post outbound mail while working remotely), ScanPOD Bulk Scanning and Digital Mailroom (securely and efficiently share your paper-based documents), Desktop Document Distribution (distribute inbound mail to users quickly and efficiently), Inbound Mail and Digital Distribution, Digital Document Archiving, Cloud Document Management, PDF Editing and Conversion, Homeworker Print and Scan Bundles as well as Secure Print and Remote Release (Release print jobs in the office while working remotely).

DMC Canotec added: “Now more than ever companies need to align with trusted partners who can provide industry tested solutions quickly and efficiently. Investing in future proof solutions now, could be the difference between the success or failure of your business during and after these difficult times which is why we are here to guide and support you.”

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