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Depot International unveils new website

October 16, 2012

Clover-owned laser printer specialist announces the launch of its new website following 18 months of research.

Clover-owned DepotInternational has announced a new, redesigned website touting updated features after 18 months of development and addressing its e-commerce platform.

The laser printer and refurbished printer specialist notes that the website has “streamline[d] the purchasing process” and counts among improvements additional search functionality; streamlined user interface; an enhanced shopping cart platform; self-service reporting and account management; additional product information on display; and marketing and technical document management.

Chris Sinibaldi, Vice President of Sales Operations, Depot International, commented: “We are very excited for our customers to experience the new [website]. We think the combination of the new design and enhanced user functionality is really going to take our customers’ experience to the next level.

“We will continue to develop content and functionality to give our customers the tools to successfully manage this category and drive their business.”

Depot International has stated that additional functionality is intended to be added at a later date.

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