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Dell launches new print control programme

February 11, 2014

The OEM has partnered with PaperCut to “slash printing costs for all organisations”. dellheadquarters130911

IT Portal Pro reported on Dell’s new enterprise printing solution, which it states will “help businesses to efficiently manage printing budgets” when using one of its printers, as well as keeping documents “as secure as possible”.

The software, PaperCut, is a monitoring programme that “tracks, controls and records printing capacities”, with the aim of ensuring companies “comply with local laws through audit trails”. The solution also includes an option called ‘Pull Printing’, which allows users to place a print job on a server and then “release it to any device that supports the software”, allowing for increased security.

Another aspect of the software is ‘Rules-based Printing’, which enables businesses using the software to “manage printing capabilities centrally”, including ink and toner usage, so as to “keep overheads low and dampen the environmental footprint”. MFPs are supported by PaperCut, and it can also be adapted to work in more complex office environments.

Dave McNally, Dell Imaging EMEA’s Marketing Director, stated: “We are continually looking for new ways to provide increased value to our customers. PaperCut is easy to install and use, allowing businesses and organisations to transform their print environments and providing them with increased control over printing policies and capabilities including security, cost and waste.”

Chris Dance, CEO of PaperCut, added: “PaperCut will further enhance those Dell solutions, allowing customers across many industries to quickly reduce waste, lower overheads and securely manage printed documents.”

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