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Delacamp: Imaging sales down, margins up

May 18, 2020

The company recently published their latest financial statements that show imaging sales were down, but speciality chemical sales were up.

Hamburg-based Delacamp reports that 2018 revenues decreased by €916,000 ($989,989) to €17.083 million ($18.463 million), a 5.1% decline compared to the previous year, whereas the resulting gross profit increased by €582,000 ($629,076), a 19% year-on-year increase.

Delacamp business activities include the worldwide sale of consumables and spare parts for the reprocessing of cartridges for laser and inkjet printers as well as the trade in engineering plastics and high-performance plastics.

2018 Imaging sales declined by €2.04 million ($2.21 million) to €12.22 million ($13.45 million). However, the gross profit increased by €426,000 ($461,000) to €2.9 million ($3.14 million) in comparison to the previous year, despite declining sales, the gross profit margin increased by 6.4% from 17.4% to 23.8%.

The company cites “the continuing import of inexpensive finished cartridges from the Far East, the steady decline in printing volumes in the Delacamp sales areas the ongoing consolidation on the procurement and sales markets as well as the economically difficult general conditions for this industry in Southern Europe had a significant impact on the sales development in the imaging area Sales markets as well as in the area of ??the ex-Soviet Union.”

In the Convena Polymers division the company continued the expansion of the product portfolio and through the acquisition of new customers and 2018 revenues increased €1.17 million ($1.26 million) to €4.65 million ($5.02 million) and the gross profit increased by €222,000 ($239,909) to €770,000 ($832,166). The gross profit margin was 16.6% (previous year 15.7%).

In their 2019 forecast the company said “We expect business to develop positively in the 2019 financial year. According to the budget planning for 2019, an annual profit of €144,000 ($155,626) is forecast. By the time this management report was prepared, the pro-rata target figures for 2019 had been reached.

“In view of the expected economic development and the expected improvement in sales due to the targeted organic and inorganic growth in trading in high-performance polymers, we expect business to be satisfactory in the 2019 financial year and expect the company’s financial position to remain stable.”

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